Reasons for German companies to cooperate with the Polish IT sector

It’s hard to overlook the fact that the German-Polish cooperation is now becoming stronger than ever. The close relationship between the two nations is beneficial to many companies, especially in the IT sector. This is a clear, long-term success, which has arisen from a mix of various factors, which will be discussed in the following article.

The Polish IT sector has established a particularly close relationship with small and large European companies. Polish software companies have been able to achieve in the recent years an extensive business success in foreign markets – regardless of whether in large or small projects. Thanks to its good geographical location, Poland has one of the key positions in Central and Eastern Europe, which is one of the main reasons why in particular the German-Polish cooperation is so intensive, diverse and dynamic. The close business relationship has become very clear since Poland’s accession to the EU – since 2004 Poland’s importance for German economic relations in all sectors has increased very much. Since Poland is no longer a border region for Germany, the interest and attention to small and large companies has also grown – leading are the Polish IT sector companies. The demand for Polish information technologies, IT solutions and programming services is still growing and the German market is far from full. Poland is no longer only Germany’s neighbour, but is also seen as a good partner. This offers Polish companies an excellent starting point for future cooperation throughout the whole Europe.

Person-oriented communication

Thanks to their historical and economic experience, Poles have managed to develop a very interesting and target-oriented model of communication – both privately and professionally. Communication between Poles and foreigners is not only logical and concrete, but also in a healthy way open and above all person-oriented. Poles quickly manage to gain trust of their interlocutors and have a great instinct when it comes to negotiations of any kind. A direct contact between German and Polish negotiating partners is, according to the Poles, a decisive success factor and an important part of the whole project. Poles invest a lot of time and patience in a business relationship. A positive first impression, a good atmosphere and a given word means a lot. The interpersonal level is important in both small and large projects. It is also worth mentioning the hospitality of Poles – both in private interpersonal and business contacts. Anyone who wants to visit Poland and decides on a Polish “Dzień dobry” at the beginning of a business conversation can immediately open the hearts of the Poles – totally independent of their social position.

Polish economic growth and highly qualified professionals

There are, of course, many differences and asymmetries between all European countries – the German population, for example, is more than twice as large as the Polish one. The historical burdens also have an enormous influence on Poland’s current economic level. Nevertheless, Poland today has highly qualified specialists, especially in the technical field. Poland’s economic growth can no longer be stopped – in fact Polish companies and their specialists enjoy a very good reputation abroad. These are mainly engineering graduates, developers and IT specialists whose experience makes especially the German companies keen to work with the Polish ones. The self-confidence of the Polish IT sector is refreshing and always growing – it is no coincidence that Poles rank second in the list of top programmers in Central-Eastern Europe, just behind Russia.

The value of the Polish software market is growing – practically all large and medium-sized companies use special software, either in the area of accounting and finance, in the e-commerce segment and many different customer-specific apps and programming services. Software consulting services are also among the top-rated Polish IT services. Another very important factor worth mentioning, why the German-Polish cooperation is so attractive, is quite simple and no secret – a cooperation with Polish software companies makes it possible to realize projects much more cost-efficiently than in Germany.

Very good language skills

German is and remains, directly after English, the most important foreign language on the Polish market. Since a lot of companies are active abroad, more and more Polish employers are looking for people with fluent German and English.

Whatever the project is large or small, communication is the most important factor in understanding the customer’s requirements. We as New Gravity, if required, also try to keep the project language German – in our company we have employees who speak both English and German at a very high level. That is either thanks to a longer stay abroad or numerous experiences in international projects and companies. At the same time, a common understanding of the German corporate and project culture and German way of working is an important factor that has a significant influence on the customer satisfaction. It is also noticeable that the number of cooperation opportunities when Polish companies are represented by people with fluent German, grows.

Global Thinking

It is not always easy to deal with different ways of thinking and behaviour of different people and nations. All people have historically shaped, different value systems and other interpersonal manners. If we do consider the cultural characteristics of a country, there is a good chance of crowning our own efforts with a great business relationship and success.

Those who decide to go outside the country with their services must also begin to think outside the usual pattern. Most likely, already known strategies will have to be modified and adapted to the foreign target markets in order to be able to act even more efficiently. Every international cooperation and long-term project brings with its industry-specific knowledge of markets, people and language. This in turn opens up further business opportunities that we may not have seen before. Through the always increasing quality of services provided, reliability and motivation of Polish professionals, Poland, together with its neighbouring countries, has built mutual trust in numerous industries.

Polish IT solutions today manage to grow into international long-term projects that are profitable for both sides. And one thing is clear – not everything always goes according to plan, there are always twists and turns in ongoing projects that could not be foreseen. Thanks to a strategic partnership, we are in a position to present ourselves to the customer with a problem-solving competence that enables us to follow the customer’s needs even in extreme situations. Successful international cooperation requires what is known as “global thinking” and I believe this way of thinking is the first big step towards offering our own services and solutions to the world.

Global thinking in the IT world is nothing more than the conviction that people and industries today are globally connected via information technologies like never before, and that even the process and data management that works OK in the remotest corners of the world can be simplified and improved. And we’re excited to see what the future holds.